Login page design for Build Plus +

Client: Logical Networks

Services: User interface and experience design

Year: 2017

Logical Networks requested a full user interface and experience design for their start-up concept.

Build Plus + is a platform for tradesmen to bid, in reverse, on jobs. Customers would post a job. Tradesmen then find the job and place a bid lower than the existing one. The customer can choose whether to accept the offer or not.

The Palette




For the colour palette, I arrived on an off-black, a warm-orange, and white. I chose off-black to give contrast and make the design appear bold, while not being overly harsh. The warm-orange to give the idea of energy, happiness, and sunshine. Energetic tradesmen, and a happy customer once the work is done. Finally, white on an off-white background to warm up the design and give a friendly feel.

Animated image showing different professions

Animation concept for an advertisement.

Build Plus + dashboard page shown on tablet

Designed to work on all devices. Above you can see the tradesmen's dashboard where this tradesman can browse his bids, re-bid, contact customers, and view all his notifications.

Build Plus + seach page design

Above: This is view from a customer browsing for a plumber, outside of the bid system.
Below: Logged in as a tradesman and viewing available jobs to bid on.

Build Plus + jobs page design

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